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Welcome to Ball Masters Football Coaching.

Welcome to Ball Masters Football Coaching. We are Surrey/Merton based football coaching academy that deliver professional Elite standard training to young aspiring boys and girls to develop technical skills as well as tactical understanding of the game with each session designed to further develop their individual talent within the boundaries of discipline that allows our boys & girls to demonstrate flair and individualism on the ball without fear of criticism.

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We Are Ball Masters Football Coaching

The meaning behind the name Ball Masters is our attention to developing our players perfection of ball manipulation Skills.

Our main focus at Ball Masters Football Coaching is on improving the technical ability of our players, working on individual ball skills incorporating ball manipulation. Which we pride ourselves with incorporating in our classes as well as working on every aspect of their technical development that we feel will develop technically balanced players that have the core movement patterns and skills to affect the game both individually and within a team environment.

We have embedded the Ball Masters Philosophy in the next part of the journey in our technical developmental structure over recent years – with the underpinning values and philosophy of Wiel Coerver & Dutch Football Development Method the technical work we have been delivered through excellence.

Absolutely love Ballmasters, Donovan is a great coach, my son has made huge progress which can be seen on the pitch at his current football club, the holiday clubs are excellent value, my son wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!!
Archie, Parent

The professionalism of the coaches at Ball Masters is outstanding

John, Parent

I enjoy going to Ball Masters the coaches are really good, I have learnt new skills and they have helped me develop into a better player

Alex, Player

Since Owen has been attending Ball Masters his game has improved tremendously to another level

Joanna, Parent

Having experienced other football coaching clubs with in the area – we choose Ball Masters because of the professionalism of the coaches and the atmosphere they create and the friendliness of the coaches

Chris, Parent

My ability on and off the ball has improved so much, I would definitely say I have become a better player since being part of the ball masters technical development centre

Thomas, Player

The coaches are really great they praise and encourage us which makes us want to improve and work harder and the sessions are always enjoyable

Charlie, Player

“Ball Masters Football Coaching are purely about the art of Ball Mastery, as well as developing the individual player in the 5 key areas of our syllabus. We firmly believe this will overall give the individual player confidence & flamboyance on the ball which will ultimately develop the player into an Elite technician of the beautiful game we call football”

Donovan Jennings-Bovell

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